Absorption: The Gift of Digital Mediums

Remember the old saying, ‘when the entire person is involved, their is NO work‘. 

Digital/electric mediums are returning man to a nomadic state.  We can witness this return away from specialization in hybrid mediums that use digital media.  If we can get monolithic institutions like education to return to the business of shaping human capital, then we can actively participate in the revolution of contemporary aesthetics. 

Here’s what Dr. Edmundson from the Univ. of Virginia recently wrote in Hedgehog Review:  “Modern life avails one of plentiful opportunities to be mesmerized, enchanted, visually inebriated now:  The condition is not hard to bring on.  In a culture that asks too often to ‘pay attention’, we need rest and release, and we can find both through the mesmerizing powers of current electronic culture.  Ideally, paying attention should be rewarded by absorption, but when absorption isn’t found, or no one teaches us how to achieve it, then being mesmerized will have to do.  Being mesmerized is all about wish fulfillment.  It’s about  becoming the soldier, the knight, becoming the sports star, or princess.  It is a turning away from reality.  To be absorbed is to intensify one’s connection with ‘the real’, in the hope of shaping it for the better.  The engaged/absorbed doctor wants health for the patient, the scientist want’s to add to the stock of knowledge, the poet hopes to bring beauty, truth and pleasure to another.  

These people are not cheering themselves on or inflating their sense of self.  They are acting out of love for the world, and, in return, they receive one of life’s best gifts:  the shaping of an indissoluble self.”  


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