The Achievement of Einstein


Isaac Newton’s epitaph is worthy of great discernment, he revealed that if he achieved any success in his endeavors its because he stood on ‘the shoulders of giants’.  That very humility is often missing from contemporary leaders, especially those who devote their lives to a vocation in the sciences.

It was no different with Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein’s best known achievement was his 1905 paper on relativity.  His protagonists was Immanuel Kant.  But it remains Cornelius Lanczos who best encapsulated the achievement that is Albert Einstein.  Dr. Lanczos wrote the following:

“What Einstein did was not a formal accomplishment.  He did not approach the problem from the standpoint of finding some mathematical equation which will describe a group of phenomena.  Something much more fundamental was at stake, namely, the critical evaluation of the cultural foundation of theoretical physics.  Certain things which were always taken for granted, were put under scrutiny and their falseness proved.  This was no longer mere physics and mathematics. . . Here started that dogged uphill fight of Einstein which lasted ten years and which is perhaps unparalleled in the entire history of the human mind; a fight which did not arise from any experimental puzzle of the mind.”

From Dr. Cornelius Lanczos collected works titled  Albert Einstein and the cosmic world order 1966.

Summary of his achievements, 2005 symposia Library of Alexandria


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